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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How large a facility are you?

Answer: Cashmere Convalescent Center is a sixty- six bed skilled nursing facility. Located in the foothills of the Cascades

Question: If I’m paying privately when I begin my stay at Cashmere Convalescent Center but need to convert to Medicaid will I be forced to move out?

Answer: No, we believe in trying to serve all those in need regardless of their personal ability to pay. We will even assist you with the Medicaid application process when it becomes appropriate. We do expect the families to be responsible for getting paperwork completed timely and efficiently to ensure Cashmere Convalescent Center continues to receive timely payment from the appropriate party.

Question: Does CCC accept Medicaid and Medicare?

Answer: Yes, we accept Medicaid, Medicare and a variety of other third party insurance payers.

Question: What costs are associated with Convalescent Care or services you offer?

Answer: Cashmere Convalescent Center has no hidden cost or miscellaneous add on’s. Private rates include room, board and nursing care. You will be billed by your pharmacist for any medications you require. Those on Medicaid will have no other expenses; we accept the rate paid by Medicaid to cover all services and the pharmacy charges are billed directly to the state or your insurance company. Those residents qualifying for Medicare benefits are covered in a similar way as Medicaid.

Question: Do you have a good staffing ratio?

Answer: Yes, we’re proud of our staffing ratio and actually print them everyday for the public to see.

Question: What are some of the services you offer?

Answer: We offer rehabilitation, sub-acute nursing, hospice, memory care and traditional long-term care services.

Question: Can we bring our own furniture and personalize the room.

Answer: Yes, you may bring your own furniture and personalize the room as space permits. In fact we encourage residents and families to make themselves as comfortable as possible.. We also need to keep in mind, however, any state or federal requirements that could have an impact on resident safety.

Question: Is phone service available in my room at CCC.

Answer: Yes and no. Some rooms do have phone availability but not all. We do have several phones throughout the facility and they are available to residents. We are concerned about resident vulnerability to telephone solicitation and similar issues; therefore, have not always encouraged individual phones. Residents are certain permitted to have modern communications devices (e.g cell phones) if that is their desire.

Question: Do you have any partnerships to provide Hospice care?

Answer: Yes, we are well-suited to provide Hospice care with our nursing staff that’s well trained in pain management. We have had a long relationship with Central Washington Hospital Hospice and work with them regularly.

Question: Are there set visiting hours at CCC.

Answer: No, you can visit anytime. However, the doors do get locked at a certain point in the evening. You may be required to knock on the door if it gets too late.

Question: Can my pet visit me?

Answer: Yes, absolutely, we are a pet friendly facility and have pets visiting everyday. We do, however, need to have your pet records on file in the office as required by state regulation.

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